Thesis timeframe: 2021-2023

As part of the UiO-PRIO MA student programme, the INSPIRE project is seeking MA students interested in and working on the topics of artists and art in the context of war and exile. This MA will be an integral part of the INSPIRE project. INSPIRE studies the role of artists and creative practice in and after violent conflict, exploring both what inspires and motivates those engaged in creative practice as well as how artistic expressions inspire and move others into action for social justice. The project studies the intersections between artists, art and activism in the context of war and exile. INSPIRE will draw on a combination of scientific and artistic methods.

The project is expected to have a strong societal impact as well. This potential lies in understanding the ways in which artists, through their art, move the intellect and emotions of others. During and after war, representations and narratives play a substantial role in shaping the basis for a post-war future. New knowledge on how these representations and narratives are shaped by artists, art and their audiences can help stakeholders working with reconciliation processes after war, especially those who use arts-based methods.

Developing his or her own detailed proposal within the context of the larger project, the student will be asked to explore a particular case or theme within the intersections between artists, art and activism in the context of war and exile. Students from a range of humanities and social science backgrounds can apply. We particularly wish to encourage students who simultaneously have an arts practitioner background to apply.

For questions please contact Cindy Horst or Katarzyna Grabska.

The deadline is 21 May 2021. Find out more and apply by clicking here.