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'Burying Yesterday's Headlines'. Illustration: Chuu Wai
"Burying Yesterday's Headlines". Illustration: Chuu Wai

As part of the final conference of the INSPIRE project, we invite you to this engaging roundtable meeting on art and activism in Myanmar.

All welcome!

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10.45    Animation film: “One More Light” by Kue Cool

10.50    “Portraits of a Revolution” Marte Nilsen, PRIO

11.00    Poetry reading: “A Request” by Pacifist Farooq

11.05    “Curation as Method: Reflections on autoethnography & artist-researcher collaborations" Sara Wong, Doctoral Researcher LSE

11.20    “The Shadows of Heros” Zun May Oo, Myanmar artist and INSPIRE Art Award nominee

11.35    “Voices from Burma’s Spring Revolution” Ida Fagervold, Doctoral Researcher University of Oslo

11.50    “The Sixteen Dreams of King Kosala and today’s Myanmar” Chuu Wai, Myanmar Artist

12.05    Panel discussion with Chuu Wai, Zun May Oo, Ida Fagervold and Sara Wong. Moderated by Marte Nilsen

12.30    Open Gallery and Lunch by Den Fete Burmeser