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Artwork by Cecilia Salinas. Illustration: Cecilia Salinas
Artwork by Cecilia Salinas. Illustration: Cecilia Salinas

Welcome to the launch of the INSPIRE research project website with the participation of artists!

Inspirational Creative Practice: The Work of Artists after War and Violent Conflict (INSPIRE) is a research project that studies the role of artists and creative practice in and after violent conflict. The project is hosted by the Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO) and connected to the PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict (CCC).

The website is at the core of our research project and will function as a space for critical and creative reflection as well as a a live archive of the project.


Presentation of the website by Katarzyna Grabska, Sara Christophersen and Cindy Horst from the INSPIRE research team

The INSPIRE research team includes Katarzyna Grabska, Cindy Horst, Marte Nilsen, Trude Stapnes and Sara Christophersen.

Music performance by Faytinga

Faytinga is a prominent African singer and musician from Eritrea, with a Kunama heritage. A freedom fighter turned musician, Faytinga has developed her own style of music, that finds its inspiration in Eritrea’s rich musical traditions.

Conversation and exhibition of artwork with Diala Brisly

Diala Brisly is Diala Brisly is a Syrian artist whose artistic practice spans a variety of mediums, including animation, painting, conceptual art, illustration, comic books and murals. Recurring themes in her work are social justice, freedom, and a desire to give a voice to children.

Q & A with the audience

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