Júlia Palik

Júlia Palik

Senior Researcher

Research Interests

I conduct research on disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) programs' impact on peace and the gendered aspects of these programs. Currently, I am leading a 3.5-year-long project on the effect of disarmament on conflict recurrence (DISARM), funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

My geographical expertise concerns the Gulf Region and more specifically the conflict in Yemen. My thematic interest lies in the intersection of military and non-military third-party interventions in civil wars. I did research on various aspects of refugee education.

I am part of the Integrated DDR Training Group which is aimed to increase the coordination and exchanges between research, policy, training, and practice in the field of DDR.

Are you a researcher or a practitioner who is interested in DDR programmes? I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate, so just get in touch.

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