Call for Applications: UiO-PRIO Student Programme


24 April 2019

Call for Applications: UiO-PRIO Student Programme
Photo: Indigo Trigg-Hauger / PRIO

​Since 2016, the University of Oslo (UiO) and PRIO have been engaged in a strategic partnership. As a vital part of this collaborative relationship, up to ten UiO master's students each year are offered a place within the vibrant, international and interdisciplinary research environment on peace and conflict at PRIO. Students from any and all UiO faculties and departments are welcome to apply. 

To be considered for this programme, your thesis topic must be thematically related to one of our ongoing research projects or relevant to the strategic interests of our individual researchers or groups. A set of topic suggestions are listed on this page, formulated to different levels of specificity. It is also possible to develop your own idea, although you should do so in consultation with a potential supervisor at PRIO. You should be in the second year of your master’s during your time at PRIO.

If your application is successful, you will be affiliated with one of our three research departments. Your work on your MA thesis will be an integral part of PRIO’s research activities. You will be assigned a PRIO researcher as a primary contact, provided with a work station and provided with full access to our facilities on par with regular staff. You are expected to invest ample time and resources into working on your thesis, and we will do our part in supporting you to fulfil your academic potential. PRIO also expects your commitment to academic excellence, relevance and utility for stakeholders, public dissemination and sharing of results, and to PRIO’s overall mission.

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