From fieldwork in Tema, Ghana. Photo: Jørgen Carling
From fieldwork in Tema, Ghana. Photo: Jørgen Carling

PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in September 2022. The application deadline is 10 June.

This course prepares participants for conducting ethnographic fieldwork and using fieldwork data in social-science research. It pays particular attention to doing fieldwork in challenging circumstances, such as those that are often encountered in research on peace and conflict, or in the contexts of migration and displacement. The sessions roughly follow the chronology from pre-fieldwork planning to post-fieldwork representation of data, and address both practical and principled concerns at each stage. Rather than attempting to provide blueprint answers, the course seeks to help participants reflect upon the dilemmas of fieldwork and make informed decisions for their own research.

Teaching will take place in person at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in Norway. The course is preceded by a course on survey methods in migration research (7–9 September) to enable a foundation for mixed methods. Interested participants must apply separately to each course.

The course is taught by PRIO Research Professors Jørgen Carling and Cindy Horst.

Application deadline: 10 June 2022.

See full announcement and application form.

Download outline of the course: ![](/_layouts/images/icpdf.png)PhD course Ethnographic fieldwork 2022.pdf