On 6 February, PRIO and the Goethe-Institut hosted a four-hour participatory workshop with a small group of invited cultural practitioners and academics.

The workshop was set-up to facilitate in-depth exchange and co-creation of knowledge between academics and cultural practitioners focusing on themes like privilege, dominant narratives and attempts to 'decolonize' institutions and practices. Participants represented institutions like the University of Oslo, OsloMet, University of Agder, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, PRIO and Oslo National Academy of the Arts, as well as various museums, art institutions and institutions working with film, music and literature.

Through individual reflection, shared explorations and creative group exercises, participants explored collective soci etal narratives, institutional roles, as well as individual potentialities. The workshop provided a space for cultural practitioners and academics to engage with and learn from each other. Plans for common future initiatives were made.