Human film festival
Human film festival

“All suffering is the result of wrong perceptions”

– Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh

Documentary films can create strong narratives about causes and dynamics of conflicts, which can have both good and bad consequences. In “The Self-Critical Room” we explore the possibilities and challenges that arise when documentaries interpret violent conflicts. Is the filmmaker a witness or an agitator? Can documentary films provoke and change conflict dynamics – perhaps even function as a tool for peacebuilding?

We explore these questions during the filmfestilval Human:

Documentary as a Tool for Peacebuilding?

We include several filmmakers who are guests at the festival, which will discuss how the documentary film affects and have the ability to change dynamics in conflict:


  • Zaradahst Ahmed, director of Nowhere to Hide.
  • Paco de Onís, producer of 500 Years.
  • Femke van Velzen, director and producer in IFproductions.
  • Hilde Frafjord Johnson, UN special rapporteur on South Sundan, author, politician and diplomat.

Moderated by Øystein H. Rolandsen and Jacob Høigilt, the PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict.