At the 2017 ‘Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology’ Conference, Cindy Horst (PRIO) and Katarzyna Grabska (Graduate Institute, Geneva) organize a panel on Displaced Narratives: Story-telling in studying war and displacement. PRIO researcher Jacob Høigilt contributes with a paper on war comics. The panel explores the power of individual and collective stories in informing human actions, and asks to what extend storytelling can be used as a method to study violent conflict and displacement.

Contributors employ life history methods, graphic illustrations, literature and poetry, film and therapeutic performance as tools to research and analyse the experiences of those affected by war and exile. In what ways do these methods reveal different understandings of people’s experiences of violent conflict? What are the challenges in designing such research and what type of insights can we develop as researchers? What are the limits in using a storytelling approach? The panel is organized by PRIO's Centre for Culture and Violent Conflict.