Film still from 'Spaces of Reconciliation'.
Film still from "Spaces of Reconciliation".

For 29 years, Cypriots were unable to cross the ceasefire line that divides their island. While for many Cypriots this lack of mobility began in 1974, the capital of Nicosia has been divided even longer, since intercommunal conflict first exploded in 1956. With the opening of the first checkpoints in 2003, there were immediate hopes of reunification that were then dashed when a peace plan was defeated at referendum in 2004. Nevertheless, Cypriots continued to cross the line, visiting former homes, developing friendships, engaging in trade, forming business and artistic partnerships, and simply getting to know each other.

The documentary film "Spaces of Reconciliation: Youth Interaction through Art in the City", by Mete Hatay (PRIO Cyprus Centre) and Orhan Eskiköy (independent director), follows Cypriot artists as they negotiate space within a divided city and find spaces for interaction and cooperation.

After the film showing, Mete Hatay will speak on alternative forms of reconciliation through 'doing things together' – such as through arts and music. Solveig Korum will provide some reflections and a discussion will follow.

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Mete Hatay

  • Mete Hatay is Senior Research Consultant at the PRIO Cyprus Centre. Hatay has been a political analyst and freelance writer since 1985, primarily researching and writing on the Cyprus conflict, Cypriot cultural history, immigration, Islam, and ethnic and religious minorities in Cyprus.

Solveig Korum

  • Solveig Korum is a senior advisor at Kulturtanken, formerly Concerts Norway. She wrote her PhD (2021) at the University of Agder on music's role in development, titled "Music in International Development: the Experience of Concerts Norway (2000-2018)".