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PRIO and the University of Oslo (Department of Mathematics and the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History) are delighted to invite you to a seminar out of the ordinary.

Our three disciplines normally look at the world from somewhat different perspectives, but this evening we are united in our effort to explore the scientific evidence underpinning the Game of Thrones!

Students and staff at our three institutions will be given priority - please sign up by 31 August. Then we will open up for other participants.

The seminar will be followed by pizza & beer.


  • Céline Cunen (Department of Mathematics): The level of violence in Game of Thrones is realistic! A comparison with the historical Wars of the Roses (which GoT draws upon)

Suggested reading:

- [The death rate in Game of Thrones is realistic](https://titan.uio.no/node/1825)
- [Mortality and Nobility in the Wars of the Roses and Game of Thrones](https://www.mn.uio.no/math/english/research/projects/focustat/the-focustat-blog%21/got_history1.html)
  • Siri Aas Rustad (Peace Research Institute Oslo - PRIO): GoTten better or worse? GoT and modern wars compared

Suggested reading:

- [The Clash of Guns and Swords: Game of Thrones and Reality](https://blogs.prio.org/2018/12/the-clash-of-guns-and-swords-game-of-thrones-and-reality/)
- [Will there be Peace in Westeros?](https://blogs.prio.org/2019/05/will-there-be-peace-in-westeros/)
  • Hans Jacob Orning (Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History): Game of Thrones and Norwegian medieval civil wars

Suggested reading:

- [Game of Thrones – the Middle Ages and Today](https://blogs.prio.org/2018/08/game-of-thrones-the-middle-ages-and-today/)
- [Fra Midgard til Westeros](https://www.prio.org/utility/Download.ashx?x=647) (the same text in Norwegian)

These introductions will be followed by an exchange between the speakers, moderated by Torkil Risan, editor of the podcast series TVseriepodkasten and host of the radio programme 'Salongen' in NRK.