Conflicts and Uses of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hatay, Mete (2012) Conflicts and Uses of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies 14(2): 177–198.

This paper examines the conflicts and politics of heritage within communities and across the ethnic divide in Cyprus. By looking at three case studies of religious, antiquarian and modern heritage, it underscores the selective appropriations and restorations of heritage as well as problems of heritage identification and protection. Specifically it is concerned with the status of churches and building of mosques in the northern part of the island, the symbolic uses of the Kyrenia shipwreck and its replicas, and the difficulty in politically appropriating the ruined Nicosia airport that is located in the UN Buffer Zone.

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Costas M. Constantinou

Olga Demetriou

Mete Hatay

Mete Hatay

Senior Research Consultant