Repression - Expression // Violence - Creative Resistance

Artist Residency

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: 15 Aug 2022 - 09 Sep 2022
Place: PRIO, Hausmanns gate 3, Oslo

Repression - Expression // Violence - Creative Resistance
Photo: Julie Lunde Lillesæter/PRIO
This residency seeks to create a space for exploration and community between artists whose creative practices respond to lived experiences of conflict and oppression. It is underpinned by PRIO’s ongoing research project INSPIRE which investigates creative practice and activism in contexts of war. The residency was developed by PRAKSIS, PRIO and Motaz Habbash. 

​Creative practices engage the imagination, poetics, innovation, critical thinking and powers of expression - potential defences and resources for addressing the trauma of war and building new futures. This residency will probe the ways that creative practice can enable new ways of seeing, understanding and relating in response to individual and collective experiences of violent conflict and oppression. It will ask how creative practices can counteract the many ways that the realities of conflict and oppression are silenced; can establish platforms for new local and global narratives; and create space for dialogue, response, critique, and supportive affirmation. The artists participating include Iman Jabrah, Ayman AlAzraq, Yanina Zaichanka, Yamile Calderon, Jad El Koury, Diala Brisly, Nastassja Nefjodov, Tania Canas, Daria Pugachova, and Khalid Shatta.